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1. No. A-11013/4/2014-AT (part.I)
Cancellation of appointment offer to Sh. G. Sudhir, IAS (Retd.) to the post of Member (Administration) in the Central Administrative Tribunal, Ernakulam Bench.
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2. No. A-11013/4/2014-AT (part.I)
Cancellation of appointment offer to Justice Mihir Kumar Jha to the post of Member (Judicial) in the Central Administrative Tribunal, Patna Bench.
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3. No. A-11013/4/2014-AT(part-1)
Appointments order of Shri Dinesh Gupta,Shri Vishnu Chandra Gupta,Shri G.Sudhir, Ms. Nita Chowdhury,Ms. Praveen Mahajan,Shri E.K. Bharat Bhushan,Shri Mihir Kumar Jha,Shri Mehinder Singh Sullar,Shri A. Arumughaswami.
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4. No. A-12011/3/2013-AT
CAT (Group-A and B Hindi Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2015.
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5. No. A-11013/8/2014-AT
Regarding - Retain applications of candidates for the post of Administrative Member and Judicial Member in the CAT.
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6. No. 1/1/2012-KB(Pt.)
Election to the Delegates-Directors of Kendriya Bhandar - reg.
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7. NA
List of Organisations brought within the purview of Central Administrative Tribrunal.
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8. No.A.11013/25/98-AT
Challenge to various provisions of the Administrative Tribunals Act 1985 and related matters in various Courts/Tribunals-Intimation to Departments of Personnel and Training regarding.
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9. No.A.11019/2/98-AT
Compliance with the judgement of High Court/Supreme Court and to streamline and improve the Rules and Conditions of service matters cases.
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10. No.A-12015/2/92-AT
Presentation of cases before the Central Administrative Tribunal through the Central Government Counsels/ authoised Departmental representatives.
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11. P.13023/1/94-AT
Need for Passing speaking orders.
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12. A-11019/36/89-AT
Central Administrative Tribunal- Whether legal opinion of Legal Remembrancer/Law Officer is necessary-Clarification regarding.
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13. A-11019/69/87-AT
Establishment of the Central Administrative Tribunal Judgement of the Central Administrative-Compliance with.
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14. No.A-11019/71/87-AT
Central Administrative Tribunal-Single Member Bench of the Tribunal to dispose of cases- Contitution.
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15. No.G-20017/4/85-At
Grant of imprest to the Benches of the Central Administrative Tribunal.
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16. No.A-11019/37/85-AT
Establishment of the Central Administrative Tribunal.
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